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How Dare You

Cool Math Games HTML5 How Dare You
Date: 2020-09-23 297 Plays 0.0
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If you want to experience a new HTML5 game, then play How Dare You game online now on Cool Math Games 0! The game centers on a monk attempting to do the meditation but other enemies keep disturbing him. The monk cannot focus on his meditation, instead, he decides to fight off those enemies so he can continue it. But, he cannot defeat them alone himself, and you are here to give him a hand.

How Dare You unblocked brings an adventure to you! You will control the monk and launch him carefully to stomp on enemies to beat them. On your way, try to collect power-ups to grow your strength as well as adjust the power then use it smartly to outplay all enemies. Watch your surroundings and do not let any enemies get an edge over you. You will advance your levels as you play! Try to conquer all levels to become the winner in How Dare You game! Have fun with it!

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