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Date: 2020-10-05 468 Plays 0.0
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There are lots of ocean io games to play, and Shark.io unblocked is one of them you can play for free now. Shark.io game is similar to other io games in terms of gameplay, like Slither.io and Agar.io. It's all about big fish eating small fish. You need to keep that rule in mind as you play and try to beat the challenges.

Since big fish eat small fish, you must grow your shark's size if you want to eat other enemy fishes in Shark.io online. To get your size bigger, you have to swim through the ocean eating smaller creatures. The more you eat, the bigger you will become. Watch your surroundings because there are lots of bloodthirsty sharks that are swimming around the ocean. If you have no defense, they will attack and eat you. Once you have gotten eaten, the game will be over. You'd better survive and try to eat all other enemy sharks until you become the biggest shark in the ocean arena and that's when you win the game. Will you outplay all of your opponents as well as achieve your goal? Play Shark.io game for free now!

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