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Cool Math Games HTML5 Slither.space
Date: 2020-10-05 486 Plays 0.0
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Slither.space unblocked is a unique edition of Slither.io. If you are a fan of snake-themed io games like Slither.io game, you should give Slither.space online a try. Although the game shares a similar gameplay mechanic to other snake games, it still has its own unique features that you will want to enjoy!

Slither.space gameplay is easy to understand! You spawn as a small snake, and after eating small pellets that are dispersed around in the arena, you will grow your size. Your snake's length is key to your success! This means you need to remain your length as you play and do not let yourself get defeated by other snakes. You need to stay watchful when you make your way through the arena. Eat any pellets that you see to grow your size. When you become bigger, you can eat other snakes that are smaller than you. At the same time, avoid getting eaten by the bigger ones. You have to play and defend your snake at the same time. There is a leaderboard that shows the players' rankings. Try to reach the top rank to become the best player! Play it now! Have fun!

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