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Perform your stomping skills in unblocked! You can play Stomped io on its official site, or feel free to enjoy it online here on Cool Math Games 0. The game offers a nice gameplay mechanic that will keep you busy for hours. This is also a chance for you to prove how good you are at stomping. 

When you enter the arena of Stomped io online, you must get ready to stomp on enemies before they stomp on you. They are moving around the map, so be careful when you make movements. Once you have stomped them, you can collect their stars to grow your size. The bigger you are, the stronger you will become. If that enemy you stomped on is bigger than you, you can take only half of their stars. But, if they are smaller than you, you can get all of their stars. Don’t forget to use ledges to your advantage in jumping and avoid all attacks. Try to stomp your way to the top rank on the leaderboard! Have fun with it!

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