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Cool Math Games Strategy Games BattleStick2.net
Date: 2020-10-05 442 Plays 0.0
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BattleStick2.net unblocked is an action-packed stickman game set in a world where you have to fight and defeat other stickmen using various items. All players in BattleStick2.net game are equipped with different weapons, bombs, traps, and customizable skins. Make use of them to deal damage to your opponents!

This side-scrolling platform game is one of the most unique io games recently released. There are some game modes you can pick to play, including FFA, Capture Points, Capture The Flag, etc. Each game mode brings you a different objective that you must complete to win. If you play the competitive mode, you must defeat all other stickmen to become the last man standing. If you play Capture Points, try to capture the given points in the match first to win, and for Capture The Flag mode, you must take the flag of enemies while defending yours. Make use of your weapons as well as play with smart strategies to win! Play BattleStick2.net game for free now then see if you can defeat all enemies! Have fun with it!

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